Walt Life Disney Monthly Box Review & Discount!

on August 4, 2020

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post but all opinions are completely mine. 

Raise your hand if you could use some Disney magic delivered to your door on a regular basis? 🙋‍♀️

Disney vacations are expensive and most of us can’t go as often as we’d like. 

But you can still get a regular dose of magic with a Disney monthly box delivery.  Read more...

Should You Visit Disney World Soon? July 2020 Trip Report with Siera Duiser

on August 1, 2020

Welcome to episode 58 of The Budget Mouse podcast! In this show I talk to our amazing travel agent Siera about her July 2020 trip to Walt Disney World with her kids. I think you will learn SO much about traveling to Disney World in the age of coronavirus – I sure did! Read more...

Disney World Packages 2021: Everything You Need To Know

on June 27, 2020

Here is everything you need to know about booking Disney World packages 2021 in one place!

cinderella castle at walt disney world

I’ve already had many readers ask when they should book their trips for next year, so I’m excited to share that Disney World packages 2021 can be booked right now!

There’s a lot to know due to changes at Disney World from Covid-19. Read more...

Disney World Reopening Details

on May 28, 2020

Details on Disney World reopening plans – I’ll keep this updated with the latest info. 

epcot's spaceship earth illuminated at dusk

Disney World announced it’s dates for reopening the theme parks but there it a LOT to know!

There are many changes to the theme parks in order for Disney World to meet health and safety guidelines. Read more...

My Favorite Disney World Inspired Face Masks

on May 23, 2020

I’m so excited to share about these awesome Disney World face masks from TeePublic!

Each is inspired by a pattern from Walt Disney World and is designed by an independent artist. Your purchase will also supply one medical-grade face mask to Direct Relief. 

Here are my favorites that I’ve curated in my storefront just for my readers. Read more...

What A Disney World Reopening May Look Like & 2021 Vacation Thoughts

on May 5, 2020

Here’s episode 57 of The Budget Mouse podcast! I’m sharing my thoughts on what a Disney world reopening may look like and why 2021 will be a big year at Disney World. 

Here is a link to where you can get a quote from my travel agent partner Siera with Destinations in Florida: Get a free Disney vacation quote Read more...

Inspiring Disney Quotes & GIVEAWAY!

on March 30, 2020

I have been looking for inspiring Disney quotes for encouragement in these uncertain times and want to share some of my favorites with you!

I’m also a huge fan of supporting creators on Etsy so I have featured some items with these quotes.

Enjoy and be sure to read all the way to the bottom for your chance to enter my $50 Disney gift card giveaway! Read more...

Hollywood Studios FastPass Tiers 2020

on February 23, 2020

If you are looking for up-to-date info on the Hollywood Studios FastPass tiers, you’ve come to the right place. 

Recently there have been LOTS of changes to the Hollywood Studios FastPass tiers due to the opening of new attractions. The tier system is confusing to begin with, so these changes are making it even more baffling.  Read more...

Disney Resort Parking Fee Guide + 5 Ways To Avoid It

on February 22, 2020

Mater at all star resort

Disney World has begun charging a parking fee of up to $25 per night at all of their Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

But don’t fear! There are five ways around paying the new Disney resort parking fee so it might not ever affect you. Read on to learn all of my suggested ways to avoid parking fees at Disney World. Read more...