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Animal Kingdom Lodge Restaurants Ultimate Guide

Explore the incredible restaurants at Animal Kingdom Lodge with current menus and lots of tips!

sanaa animal kingdom lodge restaurants

Sanaa, Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village

My favorite hotel at Disney World is Animal Kingdom Lodge, hands-down. But this Deluxe resort doesn’t just offer stunning views of exotic wildlife and luxurious accomodations. It’s also a culinary adventure waiting to be explored! 

Whether you’re looking for quick service fare or the full foodie experience, the restaurants at Animal Kingdom Lodge (AKL) are sure to impress. I’ve stayed there over a dozen times in part because of the excellent dining options. 

In this post I’ll share what to expect at all six lounges and restaurants at Animal Kindom Lodge along with current menus and tips for having the best experience. Let’s dive in!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Restaurants Overview

animal kingdom lodge restaurants sign

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is actually made up of two distinct sections – Jambo House and Kidani Village

They’re considered “sister resorts” so if you are staying at one you can use the amenities at either. 

You can walk between sections in about 10 minutes or take the shuttle bus that runs back and forth all day long. 

jambo house exterior

At Jambo House, the original lodge, you’ll find these restaurants and lounges:

  • Boma
  • Jiko
  • The Mara
  • Victoria Falls Lounge

There’s also the Uzima Springs Pool Bar, but it doesn’t offer any food items so isn’t a restaurant per se. 

kiani village

Kidani Village lobby

At Kidani Village, which has just Disney Vacation Club villas, you’ll find these restaurants:

  • Sanaa
  • Maji Pool Bar (does have a food menu)

Alright let’s start with the dining options at Jambo House and work our way over to Kidani Village. 

Boma – Flavors of Africa


My favorite Animal Kingdom Lodge restaurant is Boma. It’s an African-inspired buffet that serves breakfast and dinner daily. It is located on the ground floor of Jambo House, downstairs from the lobby.

I love the market-style atmosphere and open kitchen at Boma, which is actually the Swahili name for an enclosure traditionally made around some African villages with wooden stakes (which you can see around the restaurant). 

What I love most about Boma is the outstanding quality of all 60+ items found on the buffet. I have never had a bad meal at Boma and I can’t count how many times I have eaten there!

boma dessert

I won’t lie that my favorite part of the buffet is the dessert area. But you’ll find lots of other amazing options, including:

Breakfast Buffet Highlights

  • African-Spiced Meats: Start your day with a burst of flavor from a variety of spiced meats.
  • Freshly Baked Pastries: Indulge in an assortment of delicious pastries, from croissants to muffins.
  • Omelet Station: Customize your omelet with a wide selection of fresh ingredients.

Dinner Buffet Delights

  • Soups and Stews: A rotating selection of hearty African soups and stews, including the popular Butternut Squash Soup.
  • Carved Meats: Savor succulent roasted meats like prime rib and pork shoulder.
  • Vegetarian Options: A variety of flavorful vegetarian dishes, such as coconut curry and many different salads.

boma desserts

Forky even approves of the dessert options!

I don’t think you can go wrong with a visit to Boma. I have taken “picky” eaters there who said it was their favorite meal of the trip!

I love breakfast and dinner equally, and suggest trying to get the last breakfast seating which is around 11:30 am to essentially eat lunch there. 

Boma also usually offers a 10% discount to Disney Visa Card holders, which is a great way to save. Click here for my full review of the Chase Disney Visa and the current discounts. 

And you can click here for a link to the current menu and prices at Boma.

Boma is extremely popular so reservations are highly recommended. I have also had success with finding walk-up availability through the My Disney Experience app, so that’s another option if you aren’t able to score a reservation. 

Jiko – The Cooking Place

outside of jiko

Outside of Jiko – The Cooking Place

Jiko is the “signature” restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge, which is Disney’s version of fine dining. Expect smaller portions, more adventurous flavors, and entrees in the $40-$50 range. Jiko is only open for dinner each day and reservations are highly recommended. 

What I love about Disney World Signature restaurants is that despite offering an exemplary culinary experience, they are unpretentious, unassuming and family-friendly.

While you can wear t-shirts and shorts, Disney suggests “attire that matches the sophisticated and upscale aesthetic” of the restaurant. No swimwear is allowed. 

jiko interior

The design elements in Jiko evoke an evening on the African savanna. The light fixtures resemble cranes and the back wall actually changes colors, similar to how the sky would change as the sun sets.

Jiko also has an open kitchen and wood fired ovens for their signature flatbreads. The cuisine is a delicious blend of traditional African, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine.

jiko appetizer samosa

The menu changes seasonally at Jiko, but one of the best items I’ve had at Jiko are the samosas. 

jiko flatbread

You also can’t go wrong with whatever the current flatbread offering is. They are always amazing. 

jiko salad

The Jiko Salad is another one of my go-to items. I actually prefer to make a meal of several appetizers at Jiko as long as I’m not on the Disney Dining Plan on my trip. 

Here are some other recommendations:

Signature Dishes

  • Oak-Grilled Filet Mignon: Served with an exquisite South African red wine reduction, this dish is a fan favorite.
  • Botswana-style Seswaa Beef Short Rib: A tender and flavorful dish that highlights traditional African cooking techniques.
  • Sustainable Fish: Fresh, sustainably sourced fish prepared with a delightful blend of spices and herbs.

Jiko boasts one of the largest collections of South African wines outside of Africa. Expert sommeliers are on hand to help you choose the perfect wine to complement your meal, making for an unforgettable dining experience.

If you’ve never had South African wine, I strongly suggest giving it a try on your visit to Jiko! One of the best red wines I’ve ever had came from a winery in South Africa that I first had at Jiko. 

Jiko is also often included in Chase Disney Visa discounts, so be sure to check them out here

Click here for the current menu and prices at Jiko. 

Restaurants at Animal Kingdom Lodge – The Mara

the mara

The Mara is the quick service restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. 

The Mara is located close to the pool on the ground floor of Jambo House. You have to walk along a covered outdoor path to get there from the lobby. 

mara counter service animal kingdom lodge restaurants

You can get grab and go food or order from this counter. You will be given a buzzer to return when your food is ready. 

There is seating indoors and some covered tables outside. Or you can take your food to the pool and enjoy there. 

mara vegetarian plate

I’ve had most of the entrees at The Mara and honestly have never had a bad meal. Here is one of my favorites, a vegetarian falafel plate that was super fresh and delicious. 

burger from the mara

The burgers are your standard Disney quick service burgers, which means they are fine for a poolside grub but don’t expect anything Earth-shattering. 

The Mara also offers a variety of kid-friendly meals, including chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and more, ensuring that even the pickiest eaters will find something to enjoy.

butternut squash soup the mara

You can actually get not one but TWO of the most popular menu items from Boma (without the hefty price tag) at The Mara! One is the amazing butternut squash soup which you can often get as a side dish at the quick service restaurant.

zebra domes animal kingdom lodge

And you can usually find the signature dessert at Boma, Zebra Domes, in the dessert cooler at the Mara. It is a tradition for us to get some on every visit!

mickey waffle

The Mara is by far the best palce to get a quick breakfast in all of Animal Kingdom Lodge. There are standard Disney breakfast items (see above Mickey waffle) as well as some African-inspired breakfast choices. 

cupcakes the mara

Speaking of desserts, don’t miss the adorable animal-themed cupcakes in The Mara bakery! They are another must-have on each visit (are you noticing a theme here LOL?)

mickey cookie animal kingdom lodge

You’ll find no shortage of adorable Disney safari treats from The Mara, so be sure to check out the bakery case. 

Click here for the current menu with prices from Disney.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Restaurants – Victoria Falls Lounge


victoria falls lounge

The Victoria Falls Lounge, located above Boma, is the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring the parks.

It has a cozy atmosphere and elegant African-inspired decor. It’s an ideal spot to grab a cocktail before dining at Boma or Jiko or for grabbing a late-night snack.


It also happens to be the first place I ever encountered a glow cube, one of my FAVORITE souvenirs from a trip to Walt Disney World! If you’ve never had a drink with a glow cube, book a flight to Orlando right now LOL. 

Here’s more of what to expect:

Beverage Selection

  • Specialty Cocktails: Enjoy a range of handcrafted cocktails, including the signature Victoria Falls Mist, a refreshing blend of vodka, Van der Hum Tangerine Liqueur, and sweet-and-sour mix.
  • African Wines and Beers: Sample a selection of African wines and beers, carefully curated to complement the lounge’s ambiance.

Light Bites (available from 5 to 10 pm)

  • Spicy Durban Chicken: A flavorful chicken dish served with a spicy Durban sauce.
  • Marinated Olives and Nuts: A perfect accompaniment to your drink, featuring a mix of marinated olives and spiced nuts.

I’ll never forget having a Blue Glowtini on my first trip to Disney World as an adult back in 2010 at Victoria Falls Lounge. Make one at home with my Disney Blue Glowtini copycat recipe

Click here for the current Victoria Falls Lounge menu from Disney.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Restaurants – Sanaa

sanaa sign

Another popular restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge is Sanaa, found on the ground floor below the Kidani Village lobby. 

Sanaa is unique in that (at the time of publication) is has a hybrid quick service/table service breakfast, while lunch and dinner are table service only. 

sanaa dining room

Sanaa at Kidani Village

I absolutely love the design and decor at Sanaa. It is a great example of the attention to detail of Disney Imagineers!

The menu is inspired by both African and Indian flavors, so is different from what you will get at the other Animal Kingdom Lodge restaurants. 

african crowned crane at sanaa

It is also the only restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge that offers animal viewing while you eat! There are some tables next to the windows that look out onto the savanna at Kidani Village. 

This adorable African Crowned Crane said hi during breakfast on one visit. We have also seen zebras and giraffes while dining at Sanaa. 

sanaa breakfast

There was a dire need for some breakfast options at Kidani Village and Disney finally responded by opening Sanaa for breakfast. You can grab pastries and coffee, or order off of a menu and have a seat. A server will bring the food to your table. 

The eggs benedict my husband had on a recent trip was excellent. 

breakfast sanaa

I had an excellent breakfast wrap with African-inspired flavors. There tends to be more adventurous flavors at Sanaa compared to other restaurants at Animal Kingdom Lodge, so be prepared if you have a picky eater in your group.

appetizers sanaa

Here are some of the signature dishes at lunch and dinner: 

  • Indian-style Bread Service: A must-try starter featuring a variety of breads and nine accompaniments, from spicy chutneys to cooling raitas.
  • Butter Chicken: A creamy, flavorful dish that is a favorite among guests.
  • Potjie Inspired: A selection of slow-cooked meats, seafood, and vegetables served in traditional cast-iron pots.

Sanaa also offers a range of unique African wines and handcrafted cocktails, perfect for enhancing your dining experience.

sanaa lounge

Reservations can be hard to come by at Sanaa, so I like to take advantage of the gorgeous Sanaa lounge. It’s located right inside the main entrance and doesn’t require reservations. 

sanaa bread service animal kingdom lodge restaurants

You can order off of the full menu at the Sanaa lounge, including the famous bread service which is a must-do on each visit. 

sanaa dessert birthday

I’ve even celebrated my birthday at Sanaa and was presented with this complimentary dessert! I love extra Disney magic, especially when it is unexpected. 

I highly recommend a visit to Sanaa whether you are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge or not. I think it is a worth a visit to the lodge and you can usually see lots of animals from the Kiandi Village public viewing area during your visit. 

Click here for a link to the current menu and prices at Sanaa. 

Kidani Village Maji Pool Bar

maji pool bar

Last but not least for Animal Kindom Lodge restaurants is the Maji Pool Bar, located next to the Samawati Springs pool at Kidani Village. 

Since there is no quick service dining at Kidani Village, there is food service at this pool bar. 

It’s also a great place to grab a refill on your Disney Resort Refillable mug – get all of the details here

maji pool bar snacks

I’ve grabbed many snacks and light bites at Maji, including these delcious hummus and chips. 

frose at maji pool bar

I highly recommend indulging in a specialty beverage at Maji. This was my first “Frose” experience and it wasn’t my last!

cupcake maji pool bar

Last, you know I am going to recommend a cupcake from Maji Pool Bar. How adorable is this one? Only at Animal Kingdom Lodge. 

Click here for the current menu and prices at Maji Pool Bar. 

boma zebra domes

Zebra Domes at Boma

I hope this post helped you understand the many dining options at Animal Kingdom Lodge. From fine dining at Jiko and vibrant buffets at Boma to casual meals at The Mara, there’s something for everyone.

Honestly I could stay here and never go to the parks, thanks in part to the excellent dining options at this resort. 

Any questions about the Animal Kingdom Lodge restaurants? Please leave a comment below!

animal kingdom lodge restaurants pin

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