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Be Our Guest Restaurant Review & Tips

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Outside entrance sign to Be Our Guest Restaurant

Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest restaurant is one of the most popular dining locations in all of Walt Disney World. Here’s my Be Our Guest restaurant review to help you decide if it’s a must-do on your Disney vacation!

Be Our Guest Restaurant Review: Basics

stained glass above the entrance to be our guest restaurant

Be Our Guest is located in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. The restaurant is set inside of Beast’s Castle (from Beauty and the Beast fame, of course).  

Be Our Guest is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. It is unique among Disney World restaurants in that reservations are required for all meals, even though breakfast and lunch are considered quick service (reservations are not required for quick service dining at other locations). 

be our guest hall way with metal guard statues

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Since this is an in-demand dining location, I recommend making reservations as soon as possible, ideally 180 days in advance.

Remember that if you have a Disney resort reservation you can make dining reservations for your entire stay, even many days into your trip. You might need to use this tactic to get the time you want at Be Our Guest. 

Though breakfast and lunch are technically “quick service”, servers deliver the food to your table on fancy brass carts. There is real silverware, though you do get it yourself. So these meals are definitely more refined than your standard counter service experience at Magic Kingdom! 

The cuisine at Be Our Guest is French-inspired, though I don’t find the food to be very adventurous. Picky eaters will be able to find something familiar. 

Be Our Guest Restaurant Review: Meals

Here is an explanation of the three different meals served daily at Be Our Guest.

Be Our Guest Breakfast: Quick Service Meal

be our guest dessert

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Breakfast at Be Our Guest typically runs from 8:00 am to 10:30 am. 

Each adult meal costs $28 and includes a drink, choice of entree, and selection of pastries to be shared among guests. Each child meal costs $15 and includes a drink, choice of entree, and pastries. 

Entrees include quiches, typical American breakfast (eggs, sausage, potatoes, etc.), open-faced sandwiches, and a decadent fried croissant doughnut topped with banana-caramel sauce and chocolate ganache. Here is a link to the current breakfast menu.

Note that in addition to the entrees, the Master’s Cupcake (with the “grey stuff”) is available for $4.99. 

You can use a quick service credit on any Disney Dining Plan for a meal at Be Our Guest. If you are using a dining plan credit, any drink on the menus is included with the plan, even alcoholic beverages like a Mimosa or Peach Bellini.

Breakfast at Be Our Guest is a fantastic value on the Dining Plan, with a value up to $38 from a quick service credit! Get all of my Disney Dining Plan tips and tricks in this popular post.

I’ve used a quick service credit to eat breakfast and Be Our Guest and was pleased with the Croque Madame and the pastry platter. I’m not sure how I would have felt paying $28 out of pocket for this meal, though. I think it is a great value on the dining plan but you definitely could leave feeling ripped off if you aren’t on the plan.

I have heard secondhand reports of folks being able to split an adult meal here, or share a meal with a child. I have not tried this myself, so I can’t recommend it personally. If you have light eaters in your party you may consider giving that a try. 

It is possible to get an 8:00 am breakfast reservation and gain early entrance to Magic Kingdom when it opens at 9 am. If you are able to finish your meal in enough time you can sometimes get in line first for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train, though that isn’t guaranteed!

Be Our Guest Lunch: Quick Service

Be Our Guest Restaurant lunch quinoa salad

Quinoa Salad at Lunch

Lunch at Be Our Guest is served from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm and is a quick service meal where you order what you want off of a menu (no fixed price). You can just order a bowl of soup if that is all you want – there is no minimum order and not everyone even needs to order an entree. 

Though lunch is a quick service meal, you can make reservations (and should) up to 180 days in advance. Lunch is the most popular meal of the day at Be Our Guest so competition for reservations can be intense!

You can either place your order with a person or via a screen once you arrive, or you can pre-order your food on the Disney World website (more on how to do this later in the post).

You’ll be given a “magical” rose to place on a table of your choosing. You get your own drinks and silverware, then a server will deliver your order to your table. 

Entrees include sandwiches, salads, roasted pork, and soups. Prices range from $12.99 to $16.99. Get the full lunch menu here.

Here is a picture of the lunch menu from my recent visit:

be our guest restaurant menu sign

On this visit, I had the quinoa salad and wasn’t impressed. I’d suggest either the vegetable quiche or excellent potato leek soup ($5.99) if you are looking for a vegetarian option. 

kid's portion of the braised pork meal

My daughter tried the kid’s portion of the braised pork (the “Feast ala Beast” for $8.99) and chose mashed sweet potatoes and green beans as her sides.

She liked the vegetables more than the pork. I thought the pork was overly salty, but I tend to think that about a lot of food in the parks. It was definitely tender and I liked the sauce on it quite a bit. 

"try the grey stuff" on the Master's Cupcake

For dessert, we had to “try the grey stuff” on the Master’s Cupcake. I’ve read mixed reviews of the cupcake, but we both liked it a lot. The cupcake isn’t as big as those you’d find in bakeries around Disney World. but the chocolate cupcake was super moist and delicious. 

You can use a Quick Service meal credit on the Disney Dining Plan for lunch at Be Our Guest. You can get decent value of the credit (though not as good as breakfast) and can get any drink with your meal, alcoholic or otherwise. 

I think the prices are decent for what you get when paying out of pocket, especially considering the fantastic setting. 

Be Our Guest Dinner: Fixed Price Signature Table Service

steak meal at be our guest restaurant

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Dinner at Be Our Guest is served from 4 pm to park closing and is now a fixed price “signature” table service meal. You get to order an appetizer and entree off of a menu and the table receives a dessert platter to share. A non-alcoholic drink is also included. The current price is around $60.

You may also be treated to a character visit – the Beast himself has been known to appear in the West Wing and pose for pictures (though no autographs I believe). 

Dinner entrees include Pork Tenderloin, Filet Mignon, and a Seafood Bouillabaisse. Get the full dinner menu here.

Since dinner is considered a “Signature” meal, it requires two table service credits on the Disney Dining Plan. If you use a dining plan credit you can choose an alcoholic drink as your beverage and it will be included with your credit. 

I don’t consider dinner at Be Our Guest to be a great use of two dining plan credits. I estimate each TS credit is worth about $40 so it would be impossible to get $80 worth of value from dinner. That said, if you really want to experience the setting at Be Our Guest and possibly meet the Beast, go ahead and use those dining plan credits!

Be Our Guest Restaurant Review: Dining Rooms

be our guest restaurant dining room

There are three distinct dining rooms at Be Our Guest Restaurant. Since you can choose where you sit for breakfast and lunch it helps to know what to expect. At dinner, you can request to be seated in a specific room. 

The largest room is the Grand Ballroom, pictured above. It is very impressive and there is always snow falling outside of the “windows” on the far side of the room. That said, it can get quite loud and chaotic in there, so it might not be the best choice for little kids. 

the west wing dining room at be our guest restaurant

The West Wing is the smallest (and darkest) dining room. It features a portrait of the Prince which magically changes to the Beast every so often. It also has the magic rose with petals that fall periodically. 

My six-year-old daughter was terrified by this room but other kids that age may really like the spooky ambiance. 

castle gallery dining room at be our guest restaurant

Both times I’ve eaten at Be Our Guest we dined in the Castle Gallery room. It features a large music box in the center of the room that the Beast gave to Belle as a wedding gift.  There are paintings of Belle and the Beast around the room that are fun to check out as well. 

Be Our Guest Restaurant Review: How To Pre-Order Your Food

If you have a reservation for either breakfast or lunch at Be Our Guest, you have the option to pre-order your meal before you arrive. You can place your order on the Disney World website. 

I thought I remembered being able to place my order in the My Disney Experience app at some point, though that doesn’t seem to be available at this point in time. 

reservation confirmation for be our guest restaurant

Just click “Place Your Order” to get started. 

Be our guest restaurant order ahead lunch menu

You will be able to choose from everything available on the entire menu, including kids’ meals, drinks, and desserts. 

You can also do some customization of your order. 

mobile ordering screen for the Tuna Nicoise Salad

For example, you can order the Tuna Nicoise Salad with or without eggs, and chose to have your dressing or the side or tossed with the salad. 

be our guest restaurant order summary

On the site, you place your order ahead of time but pay for it upon arrival. You can pay with a credit card, Disney gift card, cash, or use your Disney Dining Plan. 

You can also use your Magic Band to make charges back to your room folio if you are staying at a Disney World resort. 

You can make changes to your order up until you arrive at the restaurant. I have used preorder once and have waited and ordered in person on another trip. It may save you time to preorder if you are visited during peak times ( 9-10 for breakfast and 11:30 – 12:30 for lunch) but I don’t think it is required to have a good experience. 

Be Our Guest Restaurant Review Summary

little girl standing in front of the beauty and the beast stained glass window

Overall I think that Be Our Guest is a wonderful Disney dining experience. The setting is highly themed and immersive. You’ll really feel like you are part of the Beauty & The Beast story when you dine there. 

My preferred meal there is lunch since I think it represents the best bang for your buck. I like being able to choose whatever I want depending on how hungry I am without a fixed price. 

If you weren’t able to get the reservation you want for Be Our Guest, I’d suggest using to find a reservation. I’ve had great success using their free dining alerts. 

Any questions about dining at Be Our Guest? Please leave a comment below or join the conversation in the Budget Mouse free private Facebook group!

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