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Best Quick Service Restaurants at Magic Kingdom

A detailed guide to the best quick service restaurants at Magic Kingdom from someone who has eaten at them all way too many times!

fountain in front of cinderella castle in magic kingdom

A common question for first time (and returning) visitors to Disney World is: Where should I eat at Magic Kingdom??

I personally love to eat at quick service restaurants at Magic Kingdom to save money. The average quick service entree costs around $13, while a table service entree will set you back at least $30 on average.

I also love the flexibility of not being tied to a dining reservation (which is very important when visiting with little ones).

That said, there are definitely some highlights (and lowlights) at the quick service restaurants at Magic Kingdom.

This post will help you know what to expect at each Magic Kingdom quick service dining location so you can choose the best options for your travel party. 

Magic Kingdom Quick Service Overview

pecs bill menu best magic kingdom quick service food

First, here is a master list of the dining locations classified as “quick service” in Magic Kingdom. I’ve also noted the land (part of the park) in which each is located. 

Gaston’s Tavern (Fantasyland)

Pinocchio Village Haus (Fantasyland)

Friar’s Nook (Fantasyland)

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe (Frontierland)

Columbia Harbour House (Liberty Square)

Liberty Square Market (Liberty Square)

Sleepy Hollow (Liberty Square)

Casey’s Corner (Main Street USA)

Main Street Bakery (Main Street USA)

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor (Main Street USA)

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (Tomorrowland)

Lunching Pad (Tomorrowland)

Open Seasonally:

Tortuga Tavern (Adventureland)

Aunt Polly’s Dockside Inn (Frontierland)

Tomorrowland Terrace (Tomorrowland)

Here are my picks for the best quick service restauants at Magic Kingdom. 

Best Bets at Magc Kingdom

best magic kingdom food ice cream cone

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is always a good idea

With fourteen different quick service restaurants to pick from in Magic Kingdom, it can be hard to know where to start. 

First I am sharing my two favorite places to eat in Magic Kingdom that are considered quick service.  I tend to dine at these locations a LOT on my many trips to Disney World because they offer a consistently good experience!

I’ve picked these spots based on their

  • Food quality
  • Menu variety (everyone can find something they like)
  • Value
  • Atmosphere

Here are my top picks for the best Magic Kingdom Quick Service Dining:

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe

entrance to Pecos Bill - best magic kingdom quick service

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe is located in Frontierland close to Splash Mountain. The menu is Southwest (think nachos, fajitas, and tacos) with a burger thrown in for good measure. 

There is plenty of indoor seating in the glorious air conditioning and some outdoor seating as well. 

beef nachos at Pecos Bill - best magic kingdom quick service

The nachos are always a favorite in my family. You can add unlimited toppings at the free famous toppings bar (but sadly guacamole is no longer available on the bar). 

Nachos topped with ground beef, pork carnitas, or chicken is one of my favorite meals. Alternatively you can just purchase plain chips and go wild on the toppings bar, plus get an order of queso for only $1 more. 

A kid’s meal portion of beef nachos is a deal and might be enough for light eaters (anyone can order a kid’s meal without being questioned at Disney World). 

veggie rice bowl at Pecos Bill's

The Veggie Rice bowl is another favorite. You can get a chicken or pork version of the rice bowl for a few dollars more.

Pecos Bill’s is one of my go-to spots for a delicious and affordable quick service meal.  Click here for my review of Pecos Bill’s with the full menu and tips for using Mobile Order.

Columbia Harbor House

columbia harbor house sign

The Columbia Harbour House is located in Liberty Square, close to the Haunted Mansion and the walkway to Fantasyland. 

It has been one of my favorite quick service Magic Kingdom restaurants for years thanks to it’s quality and value. 

columbia harbor house menu - best quick service magic kingdom

It is open for lunch and dinner and has a seafood-based menu, though you can also get chicken and salads. 

The theming isn’t anything compared to Be Our Guest and Pecos Bill’s, but I think this place makes up for it with delicious and healthy food. And all of the seating is inside in the AC, a big plus for hot days at Magic Kingdom. There is plenty of additional seating upstairs.

salmon platter at columbia harbor house

This Salmon with Couscous and Broccoli was likely the best piece of fish I ate on my entire vacation. I’ve also really enjoyed the Harbor Salad and Lighthouse Sandwich. 

I love the variety of healthy options on the menu, plus fried fish and chicken to please those looking for standard quick service fare. 

You can get more details in my review of Columbia Harbor House here

dining cheat sheets

If you are overwhelmed by planning where to eat on your vcation, then you need my printable Disney World Dining Cheat Sheets.

They will make planning your dining SO MUCH easier and save you hours of Googling and scouring the Internet to know where to eat!

Click here to check them out. 

Magic Kingdom Quick Service Mobile Order

mobile order at pecos bills

Mobile Order is available at many Magic Kingdom quick service restaurants and I highly recommend taking advantage of it. 

You can save a bunch of time by ordering your food on your mobile device and picking it up from the designated window. I now use Mobile Order practically every time I eat quick service. Get all of the details on using Mobile Order at Disney World here.

Here are the dining locations in Magic Kingdom where you can currently use Mobile Order:

  • Aloha Isle (snacks only)
  • Casey’s Corner
  • Columbia Harbor House
  • Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe
  • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe
  • Pinocchio Village Haus
  • The Lunching Pad

Other Recommended Quick Service Magic Kingdom Dining

If you’ve already eaten at my top picks or can’t make it there due to your touring schedule, here are some other solid choices for quick service food in Magic Kingdom. 

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

sleepy hollow menu

Sleepy Hollow is a small quick service window in Liberty Square (close to Cinderella’s Castle) that has outdoor searing only. Delicious waffle sandwiches are the draw here. 

nutella waffle sandwich sleepy hollow

The fruit and Nutella waffle sandwich is big enough to share with several people for a snack. The Sweet & Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich is very popular. 

Because this location has only one window the lines get long so I would avoid it during peak dining times. 

Friar’s Nook

best quick service restaurants in magic kingdom friar's nook breakfast

Friar’s Nook in Fantasyland right across from Seven Dwarves Mine Train is my go-to place to grab breakfast. 

My daughter and I shared this huge breakfast sandwich with tater tots and had a cheap breakfast for under $5 each. 

Friar’s Nook is usually much less crowded than Sleepy Hollow for breakfast as well. 

friar's nook ice cream cone

Also I got one of my favorite treats ever at Friar’s Nook during a Halloween party one year. How great is this Maleficent themed cone?

Get details on the Magic Kingdom Halloween party here. 

Gaston’s Tavern

statue of gaston in front of gaston's tavern

Gaston’s Tavern is a small but fun quick service location in Fantasyland. It is a good place to grab a sandwich, fruit and cheese plate, or a shockingly large cinnamon roll.

gaston's tavern menu sign

The sandwiches are a solid choice for a cheap lunch and you can save a few bucks and get just the sandwich without chips if you ask. 

girl with cinnamon roll at gaston's tavern

Here is my daughter at age 1 contemplating the cinnamon roll as large as her head. I think you could share this among 2-3 people for a snack and it is really delicious. 

There are a few tables inside and some seating outside. If you carry your cinnamon roll someplace else in the park to eat it, you are almost guaranteed to get asked “Where did you get that?!?”

Casey’s Corner

casey's corner menu sign

Casey’s Corner is located on the corner of Main Street USA close to the “Hub” – the area in front of Cinderella’s Castle. 

It is a fan favorite for hot dogs and while there is something nostalgic about eating a hot dog in Magic Kingdom, the quality can be hit or miss (pun intended). 

casey's corner macaroni cheese hot dog and fries

On my recent visit the Macaroni & Cheese With Bacon Hot Dog with Fries left much to be desired. There wasn’t much macaroni but lots of cheese sauce that soaked the bun, making it soggy and impossible to eat. 

I’d suggest sticking with a Classic Hot Dog Meal or even better, try the Corn Dog Nugget Meal. I’ve heard they are the best thing there and if they are anything like the amazing Disneyland corn dog (which I have had) then I’m sure it is true!

There is some seating inside and out at Casey’s Corner but it can be hard to come by during peak times. 

Worst Quick Service Magic Kingdom Dining Locations

And last, here is my list of quick service dining locations to avoid at Magic Kingdom if at all possible. They are on this list because of a limited menu with nothing notable, poor food quality, or a lackluster setting. 

I prefer any of the options above to these restaurants. 

Pinocchio Village Haus

pinocchio village haus front entrance

Pinocchio Village Haus has a prime location in Fantasyland and some fun theming inside, but the Italian inspired food is disappointing. 

cheese pizza flatbread from pinocchio village haus

This Gourmet Cheese Flatbread was overpriced and lacking flavor. You can do so much better at any of the restaurants mentioned above. 

pinocchio village haus menu

Your choices are limited to flatbread, salad, or Chicken Parmesan on pasta or a sandwich. 

inside seating at pinocchio village haus

The one thing I really like at Pinocchio Village Haus is the area where you can look into It’s A Small World and watch the boats go by.

Maybe I’ll bring my cinnamon roll from Gaston’s Tavern down here and take a seat to eat it (which you can totally do at Disney World). 

Main Street Bakery

main street bakery front entrance

The Main Street Bakery is actually the Starbucks location in Magic Kingdom. This means you’ll find standard Starbucks fare with some Disney touches like Mickey cupcakes. 

I’m including it on this list because you can technically get sandwiches there, such as a Roasted Ham & Swiss Croissant Sandwich. But of course it will be a bummer compared to the excellent food you can find elsewhere in Magic Kingdom. 

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

sign for cosmic ray's starlight cafe

Cosmic Ray’s is a HUGE quick service restaurant located in Tomorrowland close to Fantasyland. Standard American fare is on the menu – think burgers, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets. 

bacon cheeseburger from starlight ray's

I think the burgers are average and a bit overpriced. This 1/3 lb Angus Bacon Cheeseburger with Fries is a standard Disney World burger. You can buy the same burger  in each of the theme parks. 

toppings bar at cosmic ray's

closeup of toppings bar at cosmic ray's

But the “Toppings Bar” can turn that average cheeseburger into a work of art. You can add on grilled mushrooms, fried onion straws, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, and onions.

ordering bay 3 at cosmic ray's

Similar to the other large quick service restaurants, you order at at kiosk then walk forward to pick up your food from the counter. There are three areas like this at Cosmic Ray’s and you can get the same food at any “Bay”

There is plenty of indoor seating at Cosmic Ray’s, including some in a room with a singing alien named Sonny Eclipse. I remember him from my youth and I’m amazed he’s still around. Enjoy this piece of classic Disney World while it lasts. 

Here are some highlights from the Cosmic Ray’s menu beyond the burger:

Chili-Cheese All Beef Foot-long Hot Dog with Fries

Plant Based Sloppy Joe with Fries 

Greek Salad with Chicken

Grilled Chicken Club with Fries

8 Piece Chicken Breast Nuggets with Fries

Liberty Square Market

liberty square market sign

Liberty Square Market serves mostly snacks, but does offer a hot dog and Turkey Leg. I often see long lines here during lunch hours.

Just grab your phone, place a mobile order at Pecos Bill’s, and you’ll be enjoying your nachos before most people in the long line at Liberty Market even order. There are much better options just down the way about 200 yards. 

The Lunching Pad

lunching pad menu sign

The Lunching Pad is a walk-up window located below the People Mover and Astro Orbiter attractions in Tomorrowland. 

It has a limited menu of a hot dog or BBQ Pork Sandwich for entrees. Don’t expect anything gourmet – this is a definite lowlight of Magic Kingdom quick service dining. With a little but of planning you can visit one of the excellent restaurants mentioned above. 

Any Seasonal Location

There are three dining locations that are only open during peak times at Magic Kindom (think Christmas, Spring Break, and Fourth of July). If you find yourself at Magic Kingdom during one of these times, I’d suggest sticking with my recommended places listed above. 

These places aren’t open year round for a reason and don’t have the time to perfect their offerings. I’d steer clear. 

Quick Service Magic Kingdom Summary

cinderella castle

I hope this post helps you know what to expect at these Magic Kingdom dining locations. There are MANY options at this theme park and some are definitely better than others! 

If you want my suggestions in the other parks of Disney World check out these related posts: 

Any questions or comments about quick service dining at Magic Kingdom or Disney World in general? Please leave a comment below or join the discussion in The Budget Mouse Facebook group!

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