Disney Magical Express Reservations: Everything You Need To Know

on February 14, 2020

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magical express departures sign at disney's all-star sports resort

Do you want to know how to make your Disney Magical Express reservations? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide I’ll walk you through making your own Disney Magical Express reservation either online or on the phone.

This is super helpful when you’ve booked your Disney World hotel through a third party, such as Orbitz or Hotwire. On to the details…

Disney Magical Express Basics

outside of bus - disney magical express reservations

First here is some basic information about Magical Express:

  • It is an airport shuttle that provides coach bus service from Orlando International Airport to Disney World resort hotels and back again.
  • Magical Express is complimentary for any guest staying at a Disney owned resort (i.e. it’s name must being with “Disney’s”).
  • Magical Express also provides transportation for your luggage. You will be able to skip baggage claim and head straight to the bus.
  • It can sometimes take up to 6 hours for your bags to arrive in your hotel room, so take anything you need with you for that time. 

For more detailed information on how this service works,check out my post with all of the basics of Disney Magical Express

Do I need a reservation for Disney Magical Express?

disney magical express welcome sign in orlando airport

Yes, you do need a reservation to ride the Magical Express. 

If you book through Disney, you will be able to add your flight information at the time you book your room or package. 

However, most people make their room reservation before they book their flights. 

This means you’ll need to make your Magical Express reservation afterwards, either online or on the phone. 

If you book with a Disney travel agent, she or he can take care of all of this for you – and lots more. I recommend Siera Duiser with Destinations in Florida who will help you with all aspects of planning your vacation at no cost to you. Get a free quote from her here.

How do I add Disney Magical Express to an existing reservation?

Before you can make your Disney Magical Express reservations, you’ll need your Disney confirmation number. 

If you’ve made your reservation through a travel consolidator such as Expedia or Orbitz (learn how to use Orbitz promo codes to save on Disney resorts in this post), this can be a little tricky. 

Right after you make your reservation you’ll receive an email confirmation. However the Disney confirmation number that you’ll need is often NOT in this initial email. 

confirmation email from orbitz

After 24 hours, you can click the link in your confirmation email to see your itinerary (red button shown above). 

screenshot of disney confirmation number from orbitz

You can find your Disney confirmation number on this page under Confirmation (see red arrow above). 

This is the number you’ll use to make your Disney Magical Express reservations either online or via phone. It can also used to link your reservation to your My Disney Experience account here.

disney confirmation number from hotwire

And if you are lucky enough to grab a deeply discounted Disney resort on Hotwire, you’ll get your Disney confirmation number right in your initial email from Hotwire. Get my tips and tricks for scoring a Disney hotel on Hotwire here. 

Can you book Disney Magical Express online?

disney magical express reservations site screenshot

Yes! This is my preferred way to make my Disney Magical Express reservations. 

To make your reservation online, you’ll need the following information handy:

  • The name of your Disney resort
  • Your Disney confirmation number
  • Airline and flight numbers for everyone on the reservation

One you have this information ready, click here to access the Disney Magical Express reservations site

First, you’ll enter basic information about your reservation. Keep in mind that Magical Express documents can only be shipped to the US and Canada. If you live elsewhere you’ll still need a reservation, but you just won’t receive documents in the mail. 

flight section of disney magical express reservations website

Then you’ll be able to enter flight information for your party. If guests on your reservation are arriving on different flights, you will even be able to make more than one Flight Group. 

After you submit your information, you’ll get an initial email that your Disney Magical Express reservation request has been received. Then less than 24 hours later you’ll get a second email that confirms your reservation has been made. You’re all set!

Disney Magical Express Reservation Phone Number

The other way to make Magical Express reservations is over the phone. You’ll need the same information on hand before you call, which is:

  • The name of your Disney resort
  • Your Disney confirmation number
  • Airline and flight numbers for everyone on the reservation

The direct phone number for Magical Express is 866-599-0951.

If you are currently at Disney World, I suggest NOT pressing the Magical Express button on your in-room phone. This will take you through the main reservation line and it can take a while to get connected to Magical Express. 

Instead, use your cell phone and call the above number to reach Magical Express. It will save you quite a bit of time. 

How do I check my Magical Express reservations?

Unfortunately there is no way to check your Disney Magical Express reservations online since they don’t show up in My Disney Experience. 

If you want to check on your reservations or make changes, you’ll have to call Magical Express at 866-599-0951.

I hope this post helped you make your own Magical Express reservations for your Walt Disney World vacation. Any questions? Leave a comment on this post or join the conversation in The Budget Mouse free private Facebook group!

How To Make Your Own Disney magical express reservations

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