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Dollar Tree DIY Minnie Mouse Ornament

Make the cutest DIY Minnie Mouse ornaments with items from The Dollar Tree!

homemade minnie mouse christmas ornaments

How cute are these willow branch ball ornaments with a classic Minnie Mouse bow? 

Grab some supplies from Dollar Tree and some hot glue to make your own DIY Disney ornaments. These took me less than 15 minutes to make!

Supplies For DIY Minnie Mouse Ornaments 

willow balls and mini bows from dollar tree

You will have to spend $3 to create two Minnie Mouse ornament from these Dollar Tree supplies.

I found the little red and green bows in the Christmas section. If you aren’t able to find them you can definitely make your own from ribbon (I have done this and it’s super easy).

The willow balls are in the crafting section close to the flower arranging supplies.

hi temp hot glue gun

If you want them to really hold together nicely you’ll want to use high temp hot glue.

I suspect they will fall apart with low temp glue. 

Attaching the Minnie Mouse bow

attaching bow to large willow ball with twist tie

I started by using the silver twist tie to attach the box to the larger willow ball. 

I twisted it around twice. 

cut off ends of twist tie and hot glue

I cut the ends of the silver twist tie off and secured it with some hot glue.

I wouldn’t trust the twist tie to stay on by itself.

Attaching the “ears” to your ornament

attaching small willow ball to large one with hot glue

Next, I applied a triangle of hot glue to the larger ball where I wanted to place the first “ear” i.e. smaller ball.

I placed the smaller ball in the glue triangle and pressed down for 30 seconds or so.

I just eyeballed where to put the second ball to make it look just like Minnie!

After it dried initially, I went back and added a bunch more hot glue to both pieces to make sure they were secure.

I tried to do this mostly on the back so the globs aren’t visible from the front.

twine for hanger

I used a piece of twine that I ran through some of the willow stems as a hanger.

You could also use string or wire – anything you have on hand will work!

You may have to fiddle with the twine a bit to get it to hang properly. I had to run it through a few willow pieces so it wasn’t hanging sideways. 

minnie mouse ornament hanging in window

Step back and admire your DIY Minnie Mouse ornament!

This would definitely cost $20 at Disney World LOL.

I love the rustic look of these ornament and how EASY they are to make.

I made some as Christmas gifts for my Disney-loving friends last year.

If you want to make a six ornaments, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Two bags of large willow balls ($2)
  • Three bags of small willow balls ($3)
  • One pack of bows ($1)

So that works out to $1 per ornament.

To make two it was only $1.50 per ornament which is an amazing price.

Any questions? Please leave a comment below!

DIY minnie mouse ornament pin

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