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My Quick Hack For Finding The Lowest Prices at Disney Resorts

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hack for staying at Disney's all-star sports on the cheap

I love it when I find a quick hack that makes planning a Disney World vacation so much easier.

That’s why I am thrilled to share this easy way to check availability AND see the lowest prices at Disney World resorts!

Here’s what you need to know first about this hack:

  • It works on mobile devices ONLY – it won’t work on your computer, unfortunately.
  • It works for all Disney World on-property resort hotels but other hotels are hit or miss
  • This is for room-only reservations only – not packages with tickets or dining. You can’t add a dining plan to reservations booked with third party sites (like Orbitz, Expedia, etc.). If you want a package you can get free a quote here. 
  • The prices shown may not be the lowest (but I’ll show you how to get the lowest prices)

Ok, so here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how you can check availability at a Disney resort for your possible travel dates and see which dates have the lowest prices:

Step 1: Search for the name of the resort

search for disney world resort name

In your mobile browser, do a search for the resort hotel you want to check on. Make sure it is just the name of the hotel with nothing after it.

The first result will almost always be the Google page for the hotel (see the image above). If it isn’t, scroll down until you see it.

Step 2: Tap on the “Prices” tab

google search result for Disney hotel

Next, tap on “Prices” in the main menu on the Google page.

Step 3: Tap on the “Check in” date

select dates on calendar for disney resort hotel search

Next, tap on the date under “Check in” to change it. This will cause a calendar to drop down.

calendar with dates for disney resort

On this calendar, you will be able to see which nights are totally booked (just a blank space under the date), which nights are available to be booked somewhere, and the best price available for each night!

This makes planning your stay SO MUCH easier – I used to have to search for dates on multiple sites to check if there was even any availability at a Disney World resort.

So if you know where you want to stay, it is now much easier to see what’s available.

Step 4: Find the best price for your dates

screenshot of cheap disney hotels on Orbitz

When you do decide to look into a date (or range of dates, of course), you can select your dates on the calendar and you will see the different sites on which you can book your stay, in order from lowest to highest.

In the case of my sample search, the results showed Priceline had the cheapest rate.

However, you can likely get an even lower price if there is availability on Orbitz by applying a promo code to your reservation. The search results will NOT include the price with any promo codes – it’s up to you to apply those!

orbitz promo code applied to Disney resort

In my sample night above, I went to book the night through Orbitz and applied the current promo code (get the current Orbitz promo codes here) to save an additional 10%.

So that brought my night down to $92 including tax. You’ll also get 3% back in Orbucks to use on any future trip (yet another reason to book with Orbitz!)

I have a whole post about how to book Disney resorts on Orbitz and save more with promo codes which walks you through how to add your reservation to My Disney Experience and get all of the Disney World resort benefits.

I hope you found this quick hack helpful for planning your Disney World vacation! If you did, could you take a second to share it on Facebook here? It will help others plan their trip and get to Disney World on any budget.

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