New Disney World Date-Based Tickets Explained: How To Find The Cheapest Dates!

on October 17, 2018

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Beginning October 16th, 2018, the cost of Disney World multi-day tickets will depend on the dates on which you are using your tickets.

In this post, I’ll explain how the new date-based ticket system works, plus how to find the cheapest dates to visit!

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New Multi-Day Ticket Rules


When you buy a Disney World theme park ticket, it is now ONLY good for a certain date range. The range of date will be indicated on the lower right part of the calendar on the Disney World website.

There is a window of days during which you can use the ticket (this only applies to US-based tickets). Here is a breakdown:

  • 2-day tickets = 4-day window to use
  • 3-day tickets = 5 days to use
  • 4-day ticket = 7 days to use
  • 5-day ticket = 8 days to use
  • 6-day ticket = 9 days to use
  • 7-day ticket = 10 days to use
  • 8-day ticket = 12 days to use
  • 9-day ticket = 13 days to use
  • 10-day ticket = 14 days to use

You can make changes to the dates during which you want to use the tickets as long as you do it before midnight of the day before the ticket’s first use date.

There is no charge for making date changes to tickets, though you may have to pay more for different dates. There are NO REFUNDS if you change to dates that cost less, however.

The Cheapest Dates = The Least Busy Dates

With this new ticket pricing structure, tickets for peak times cost more than tickets during less-busy times of the year. This is another attempt by Disney to distribute crowds evenly throughout the year.

The nice part of this new ticket pricing is that Disney is basically telling you the least busy days of the year to visit the parks! 

I broke down the new ticket prices into the two lowest-price date categories based on four-day tickets. I’m calling them Value 1 (the cheapest times) and Value 2 (the next cheapest times by a few dollars).

I’ll list the dates next to help you plan your trip around the cheapest and least busy dates to visit Disney World in 2019.

Cheapest Dates To Visit In 2019

Value 1 Season (the cheapest 4-day ticket dates)

  • January 12th – February 8th
  • February 20th – 24th
  • August 22nd – September 25th

Not surprisingly these dates fall in January, February, August, and September.

Value 2 Season ($3-$5 more per day than Value 1)

  • January 8th – 11th
  • February 26th – March 1st
  • March 29th – April 7th
  • April 28th – May 17th
  • July 5th – 11th
  • July 25th – 31st
  • August 8th – 21st
  • September 26th – October 5th
  • October 26th – November 1st

I was actually surprised that some of these dates fall in the summer months! If you want to visit while the kids are off school, these may be the magic dates to go.

I hope this breakdown helps you plan the best dates to visit with low crowds and the lowest ticket prices.

Not surprisingly, the new Disney World ticket pricing has been met with confusion and frustration. A Disney World vacation is complicated enough already, right? Since Disney will do as Disney will do, we can just make the best of it and plan out vacations strategically to keep the most money in our pockets.

What do you think about the new Disney World ticket pricing? Please leave a comment below or join the discussion in our free private Facebook group!

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  • Brandy J. Terry

    Increacement of the ticket price is really horrible. Thanks.

    October 2, 2018 at 3:46 am Reply
  • Becky

    I have only been to Disney 2 times and think the cost to attend Halloween and Christmas events is way to costly . Then if you don’t pay for these extras you can’t stay in park . You pay your money to go to Disney and have to leave because you didn’t pay extra. Also Disney offers free dining and you can’t get Disney resort .

    October 7, 2018 at 6:41 pm Reply
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