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Resort Refillable Mugs at Disney World Ultimate Guide

A complete guide to using Resort Refillable Mugs at Disney World and how the Rapid Fill program works.

2024 refillable mugs at disney world

One of my favorite things about staying at a Disney World hotel is getting a resort refillable mug. I get one on most trips because I love the option of unlimited drink refills during my vacation!

In this post I’ll cover everything you need to know about Disney refillable mugs including how they work with the “Rapid Fill” program.

How Do Disney Refillable Mugs Work? 

50th anniversary refillable mugs disney world

Disney Resort refillable mugs are hard plastic 16-oz travel mugs with a handle and lid that can be purchased by anyone at Walt Disney World. 

They have an RFID-enabled chip in their base that allows unlimited drink refills at any Disney World resort hotel for up to 14 days. Plus they are a fun souvenir to take home and use later as a reminder of your trip.

They are a simple concept but there’s a LOT to know about them, such as where you can buy them, where you can refill them, and what types of drinks you can get. So read on for answers to all of these questions and more!

Where Can I Buy Disney Refillable Mugs?

disney refillable mugs where to buy

To start, Refillable Mugs can be purchased at any Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, usually in the food court and/or the gift shop. They are only available at Disney-owned resort hotels, not at the Swan and Dolphin or Disney Springs hotels. They can only be purchased at resorts owned and operated by Disney.

Anyone can buy them out of pocket, or they also come as part of every Disney Dining Plan.

With any plan, whether the quick service or the regular Disney dining plan, every person who is on the reservation linked to the plan gets a resort refillable mug. Regardless of whether you have it for one night or 10 nights, you get one refillable mug each.

When you buy a mug or redeem your mug credit on the Dining Plan, the cashier will activiate the RFID-enabled chip in your mug. You can then start using your mug for beverages right away at the “Rapid Fill” stations – more on these soon!

disney water parks

The Disney World water parks (Typhoon Lagoon an Blizzard Beach) also have a refillable mug program, but these mugs can ONLY be used at the water parks and only for the day or purchase. They are completely separate from the Resort Refillable Mugs that you can buy and use at Disney World Resort Hotels. 

How Much Are The Refillable Mugs At Disney? 

100th anniversary mug

As of June 2024, Resort Refillable Mugs at Disney World cost $21.99 plus tax each. There are no Passholder or DVC discounts available on the mugs. 

However, if your total purchase is over $50 and you pay with your Chase Disney Visa, you will get 10% off your purchase. This includes getting the discounts on the mugs! Learn more about the discounts and other perks of the Chase Disney Visa here.

Where Can I Refill My Mug? 

beverage station at disney resort

Many people wonder if they can use their refillable mugs in the theme parks at Disney World, and unfortunately the answer is no. The mugs can only be refilled at the Disney World resort hotels

There are often several places to refill your mug at each Disney resort. First, there is always a beverage station at the Quick Service restaurant at your resort. This is oftentimes a food court style restaurant, with a beverage station located in a prominent place. 

maji pool bar

At some Disney resorts, such as Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village, there is a soda refill station at the pool bar.

Even if there is no refill station, in my experience bartenders will fill your mug for you at the bar. 

Since Kidani Village doesn’t have a dedicated Quick Service restaurant, there is also a Beverage Station in the gift shop. 

My advice is to ask when you buy your mug all of the places you can refill it at your resort. 

riviera resort

Disney’s Riviera Resort

While you can’t refill your mug in the parks, you CAN refill it at resorts other than where you are staying!

One of my favorite things to do at Disney World is resort-hopping, to dine and shop at other Disney World resorts. When I do this, I always throw my refillable mug into my backpack to get free refills while I am at the other resorts. 

Disney’s Riviera Resort is one of my favorite to visit since it is on the Skyliner Line and easily accessible from the Hollywood Studios parking lot. There is excellent quick service food available at Primo Piatto and you can use your mug for a free drink. 

disney boardwalk area

Disney’s Boardwalk

My other favorite area for resort-hopping is the Boardwalk. You can pop into the Boardwalk Bakery for a drink refill while you take in the sights. 

What Drinks Can I Get With My Mug?

mug and breakfast

You can get a variety of hot and cold beverages with your resort refillable mugs at Disney World. 

First hot beverages – you can get Joffrey’s coffee and decaf coffee with your mugs. You can also get hot chocolate (sometimes out of a machine and sometimes packets to mix yourself) as well as an assortment of hot teas. There is no RFID chip reader for getting hot beverages. 

As for cold beverages, all machine with have standard Coke products such as Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Fanta Orange. Some machines have other options such as Minute Maid Light Lemonade, Barqs Roots Beer, Cherry Coke, Vitamin Water, and Powerade. 

The soda drink dispensers have the RFID chip readers, so you just place your mug on the plastic base, and the machine should dispense your drink after reading the chip in your mug. 

Most locations also have Gold Peak Iced Tea with Sweet Tea, Unsweetened Tea, and Green Tea options. 

There are Coke Freestyle machines at Caribbean Beach resort and Riveria resort which give you even more options for fountain drinks. Caribbean Beach has Freestyle Machines at some of the far-flung buildings which means you won’t have to hike all of the way to the main food court for a drink. 

Disney Resort Refillable Mugs Tips

halloween mug at disney world

Now for some helpful tips for having he best experience with the Resort Refillable Mugs at Disney World. 

First, Disney sometimes releases limited-edition mugs for holidays or special occasions. These are especially fun to collect and use again at home! I love my Halloween mug (pictured above) that makes an appearance at my house each fall. 

Next, there is a “Mug Wash” station at most food courts where you can give your mugs a rinse with warm water before refilling. This is a great feature when you are switching from coffee to a fountain drink and your mugs are a little funky. 

It’s important to know that there is a timer associated with the RFID chips in the mugs. If you get a drink that you don’t like and dump it out, you may have to wait a few minutes until you are able to refill it again. This is to discourage people from filling multiple cups with the same mug. 

cricut stickers for disney mugs

Disney sometimes offers only a few different mug designs, which can make keeping track of mugs tricky. I have brought a Sharpie along to mark the mugs OR made my own mug stickers with my Cricut machine to keep our mugs straight. 

Since your mug is good for 14 days and can be used at any Disney World resort hotel, you can continue to use it even if you switch resorts during your stay. I often get my mug as part of a Dining Plan for the first part of my stay, then continue to use it at the second resort. You can easily add a Dining Plan to a short stay when you rent DVC points through Dave’s DVC Rental, my recommended points broker. 

Are The Resort Refillable Mugs At Disney World Worth It? 

refillable mugs at disney gif

The last question you may be asking is if the refillable mugs at Disney World are worth the cost. 

If you are getting even one drink a day, the mugs will pay for themselves in less than five days. If you are using your mug for two drinks per day, it will only take three days for your mug to pay for itself. 

If I am staying at a Disney resort for three or more nights, I always buy a resort refillable mug or get one with a Dining Plan. I love the freedom to get as many refills as I want during my stay and not have to worry about the cost! It gives my vacation more of an “all-inclusive” feel which I love. 

I hoped I answered all of your questions about using Resort Refillable Mugs at Disney World. Anything else you want to know? Just leave a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP!

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