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13 Must-Haves For Your Disney Park Bag + FREE Printable!

items to put in your park bag

Wondering what to pack in your Disney park bag?

Well you’re not alone! This is a popular topic in The Budget Mouse Facebook group so I decided to write a detailed post all about what to pack in the bag you take to the theme parks each day. 

I covered this topic is episode 44 of my podcast, but I think it’s easier to read than listen to.

I’ve even included a free printable at the end of the post to help with your packing!

Let’s start with 13 essential items that should be in everyone’s bag then move on to additional items to take if you are traveling with little kids or babies. 

1) Phone external battery pack + cord

portable phone charger

A portable phone charger (aka external battery pack or power bank) is the #1 item that will help your Disney vacation go smoothly!

You’ll be using your phone a ton for accessing My Disney Experience (for FastPass times and dining reservations) plus taking loads of pictures. 

fuel rod

Having a way to charge your phone on-the-go is essential when you are at the parks.

You can either buy a charger before your trip or grab a FuelRod in the parks (read about the pros and cons of using a FuelRod at Disney World in this post.)

Make sure you remember to throw a phone cord in your bag as well. 

2) ID & Credit Card

If you are staying at a Disney World resort you will use your Magic Band for your park ticket, etc.

However, you will also want to bring an ID (in case you get carded for alcohol – this happens to me even though I am 40) and a credit card in case something were to go haywire with your Magic Band. 

I have a special small travel wallet that is perfect for putting my ID, credit card, and some cash for tipping in.

If you don’t have a Magic Band then you will want to be sure to bring your park ticket media with you as well!

3) Autograph book + Pen

disney world autograph book

If you want to collect autographs from the characters, be sure to bring an autograph book (or index cards) and a Sharpie marker or pen along. 

I love this custom Disney autograph book available on Etsy. It’s a great low-cost souvenir from your trip!

Be sure to put you book and pen it in a Ziploc bag to protect it in your bag. Check out my picks for the best backpacks for Disney World here. 

4) Snacks

Though eating the snacks at Disney World is one of the main reasons I go (not gonna lie), it is always a good idea to have a few emergency snacks in your park bag. 

I like to have some granola bars (or other snacks that aren’t easily crushed) in my bag if someone’s blood sugar is crashing while waiting in line. 

When I fly to Orlando, I alway have groceries delivered to my hotel after I arrive. Click here for my guide to grocery delivery at Disney World resorts. 

5) What To Pack For Disney World: Water bottle

90 year anniversary mickey mouse water bottle

I like to have a water bottle with me at Disney World. But I actually don’t refill it at drinking fountains (the water there isn’t the best). 

I refill my water bottle with free ice water from any quick service dining location at Disney World.

Just ask for a few cups and dump them into you water bottle for later! 

Some readers like collapsible water bottle like these, though I haven’t tried them myself. 

6) Wipes and/or hand sanitizer

It’s a good idea to throw some wipes or hand sanitizer in your bag, especially during cold and flu season. Everyone is touching those rides, y’all. 

7) Sunscreen


The Florida sun is relentless – you will need to reapply sunscreen mid-day even if you put some on in the morning. 

Best to have some in your park bag with you. My preferred sunscreen is this Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch 100 SPF.

It is light and not at all greasy – perfect to use on your face. 

8) Sun Hat

If you want to keep the sun off of your face I highly suggest bringing a hat of some kind with you.

It could make a big difference in your comfort level during your vacation!

I have an open top sun hat that rolls up and is easy to throw into my bag. Any packable sun hat will do though!

9) Sunglasses For Everyone

Sunglasses are an easy thing to forget when you are getting ready in the dark in your hotel room in the morning!

But be sure to bring along those shades for everyone – even if your kiddos don’t usually wear them they will likely need them at Disney World. 

10) Glow sticks


If you are staying in the parks after dark it’s a great idea to have some cheap glow sticks in your park bag.

You can get a 20 pack for $1 at the Dollar Tree (here’s a post all about how to prep for your Disney vacation at the Dollar Tree) which will save you $20+ on those fancy light-up toys they sell everywhere in the parks!

11) Ziploc bags

Both large and small Ziploc bags are a great thing to have in your bag. You can put leftover food in them to snack on later (such as those pastries you couldn’t finish at breakfast) or wet clothes. 

12) Ponchos or umbrella

rain poncho

It rains a lot in Florida, though most afternoon thundershowers last less than an hour.

Sometimes the rain feels good (to help cool you down) but if you are caught in a massive downpour, you will want a poncho or umbrella. 

Since ponchos are pricey at Disney World, throw some $1 ponchos into the bottom of your bag just in case. 

13) What To Pack For Disney World: Gum

It surprises many first timers that gum isn’t sold at Disney World. If you want some in your park bag you’ll have to bring it from home!

Honorable Mention: Reusable Straw

plastic straw

Disney World recently did away with plastic straws resort-wide. They offer paper straws , which get soaked through quickly and cease to work. If you (or your kiddos) are used to using straws, I highly suggest bringing your own reusable straw with you.

I own this one that comes with its own carrying case and cleaning tool and I LOVE it. I use it at home constantly and it’s an essential item in my Disney Park bag. 

Other items for traveling with young children/babies:

  • Lots of diapers and wipes
  • Swim diapers (for water play areas)
  • Change of clothes
  • Lightweight blanket (to drape over stroller at nap time)
  • Baby food/extra snacks/juice pouches
  • Little toys for distraction
  • Little packs of tissues

Get this full list as a free printable PDF here!

I hope this post helped you decode what to pack for Disney World in your park bag.

Any questions? Leave a comment below or join the discussion in The Budget Mouse free private Facebook group!

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Wednesday 5th of June 2024

What about coins for souvenirs?


Saturday 8th of June 2024

Hi Heather! The machines provide new pennies now so you don't need to bring your own coins anymore.

Christine C.

Wednesday 5th of June 2024

And a small box of Bandaids - little feet (and big feet) can sometimes develop blisters from all of the excited walking around the parks and it's good to have one to grab on the run from one ride to the next.


Wednesday 5th of June 2024

Great idea Christine! Thanks for sharing :)

Heather Kelly

Tuesday 24th of September 2019

You forgot Lip Gloss, a light weight sweatshirt jacket for everyone, if going when it's going to be below 65 in the evening!


Wednesday 5th of June 2024

Yes to all of this!

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