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Best Backpack For Disney World

Best backpacks for disney world pinterest image with girl and backpack

As you gear up for your Disney vacation you might be wondering how to find the best backpack for Disney World. 

Well this post is full of the best options, from fanny packs to heavy duty diaper backpacks, many recommended by folks who have actually tested them at Disney World!

Read on to find the perfect backpack for your specific needs for your Disney trip. 

Cooler Backpacks

Disney World is one of the few tourist attractions that allows you to bring as much food into the park as you want.  Bringing some of your own food is a great way to cut down on your vacation costs. 

While you can’t bring a hard-sided cooler, these cooler backpacks are definitely allowed. 

black cooler back pack

This large MIER Insulated Cooler backpack from Amazon will keep lots of food cold even in the Florida heat. 

mickey mouse back pack

This Mickey Mouser Cooler Backpack from Macy’s isn’t cheap, but it is so cute I had to include it. Think of it as getting a totally useful souvenir before you even leave (plus you’ll save so much packing sandwiches you can justify the cost, right?)

Diaper Bag Backpacks

If you are traveling with babies or toddlers, you’ll likely want a backpack that doubles as your diaper bag. Here are a few top picks.

minnie mouse diaper bag back pack

This Disney Diaper Bag from Target is super cute and totally functional (plus has a reasonable price tag, especially for a diaper bag). 

grey back pack

This highly rated Rufalino Diaper Bag Backpack on Amazon is not only large and waterproof, but cool enough for dads to carry without being self conscious. 

Best Backpack For Disney World: Mini Backpack

If you aren’t traveling with little ones in tow you can likely fit everything you need in a mini backpack.

blue back pack

This Aotian Mini Backpack on Amazon comes highly recommended by members of The Budget Mouse Facebook group!

Lightweight Packable Backpack

blue back pack

I have personally used this Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack from Amazon on my many Disney trips over the past few years and it has held up well! It comes in ten different colors and is super affordable.

I love that it is easy to pack in my luggage if I don’t want to use it as my carry-on bag. It also doesn’t add much weight to my back so it gives my shoulders a much-needed break. 

mountain trekker back pack

And if you want to show your Disney Fan side, check out this Magic Kingdom Mountain Trekker Lightweight Backpack on Etsy. 

Fanny Packs

minnie mouse fanny pack

This adorable Minnie Mouse fanny pack on Etsy will remind you of your trip to the Mouse House any time you use it. 

grey floral fanny pack

This Grey Floral Fanny Pack from Target is another choice fanny pack for your Disney trip. 

General Purpose Backpack

If you are in the market for a solid all-around backpack that you can use beyond your Disney trip, check out these packs recommended by members of my free private Facebook group.

black under armour back pack

This Under Armor Hustle 2.0 Backpack on Amazon isn’t cheap, but it is large, well made, and essentially waterproof. 

general bag

The C9 Champion 19 Backpack from Target is another solid choice for an all-around backpack. It has an insulated cooler pocket and a fleece-lined valuable pocket. 

Best Backpack For Disney World: Sling Bags

And the last category of bags recommended for Disney World is the sling bag. While it isn’t recommended for carrying heavy items, it is easier to get into than a traditional backpack because you can just slide it around and unzip. 

blue, gray, and green sling backpack

This SEEU Sling Bag on Amazon can be carried on the right or left shoulder (or even in front). 

pink sling bag

The Waterfly Chest Sling Pack on Amazon also comes highly recommended. 

I hope this post helped you get some ideas for the best backpack for Disney World for your vacation! Any questions? Leave a comment below or join the discussion in The Budget Mouse Facebook group

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