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How to Find Disney World Hotel Deals on Hotwire & Priceline

two beds in a disney resort room

For years I have known that Disney World hotels sometimes show up as “mystery” hotels on discount travel sites Hotwire and Priceline, but I never put any effort into finding them.

Well in the past I have used these sites MANY times to get cheap Disney World hotel rooms and have even stayed at a Disney resort for $48/night.

In this post, I’ll show you how to find Disney hotels in disguise on these sites and suggestions for saving even more with a promo code.

You can even link these reservations to My Disney Experience and get all of your Disney benefits.

screenshot of hotwire deal for disney resort with pricing

If you’ve never used Hotwire or Priceline before, here’s the gist.

When you book one of their “Hot Rate” or “Express Deal” hotels, the name of the hotel isn’t revealed until after you pay. You’ll know it’s amenities, area, and ratings, but not the hotel.

Here are two important things to know about using these sites to find Disney World hotels:

  • Your reservation is non-refundable, so you won’t be able to make any changes to after you book.
  • You can usually only find Disney hotels up to 30 days in advance (however occasionally they show up as far as six months in advance). 
  • You can’t add a Disney Dining Plan to these reservations since they are booked through a third party.

If you want help booking a Disney World package or guaranteed room, head here to get in touch with my travel agent partner Siera with Destinations in Florida. She can help you find the best price for your trip all at no cost to you!

Now here are all of my Hotwire Disney World tips and tricks to help you save money on your Disney vacation!

How To Find Secret Disney World Hotels on Hotwire

To find Disney hotels on Hotwire, first do a search within Orlando for your dates.

screenshot with walt disney world - bonnet creek location checked

To narrow your results to hotels that could be Disney hotels, limit the area to Walt Disney World – Bonnet Creek. 

And here is the key to finding Disney World hotels on Hotwire: any hotels in the Bonnet Creek area with an Airport Shuttle amenity will be Disney hotels. 

Disney-owned hotels are the only hotels that run an airport shuttle (i.e. Disney’s Magical Express) so far away from the airport.

Here is another key piece of information:  Disney Value Resort will show up as 3-star hotels, Moderates as 3.5-stars, and Deluxe as 4-stars.

You can sometimes even figure out which resort you are booking by the bed choice (if you are familiar with the offerings at the resort), location, or even guest reviews.

mobile screenshot of hotwire deal for disney resort

Here is a 3-star mystery hotel in Bonnet Creek with an airport shuttle, so we know this is a Disney Value Resort (learn what to expect at the Disney Value Resorts in this post).

Hotwire now uses Expedia ratings on their site, which means you can use this as a clue to find out exactly what resort you are booking. 

mobile screenshot of hotel confirmation on hotwire

Immediately after you book the hotel the name will be revealed to you. Turns out it was what I expected – Disney All Star Sports!

A Disney hotel for $48/night is the absolute lowest price you’ll get for stays on Disney property.

That is, unless you have a promo code to get an even lower price on Hotwire. 😉

Read on to learn more…

Disney Hotwire Strategy

resort and pool

Using the clues provided on the Hotwire site, you can usually figure out exactly what hotel you are booking in advance. For Disney resorts use these clues:

  • Room types. For example if you see a Tower Room you’ll know it is Coronado Springs. A Royal Room is definitely Port Orleans Riverside, etc. 
  • The distances to other locations shown in the desktop version of the site (not on mobile or in the app). You can use the distance to the theme parks to figure out pretty much exactly where the hotel is located. 

If I know that I am going to Disney World and am flexible on where I stay, I try this approach to getting a discount through Hotwire. 

  • Book a room-only reservation at a Disney resort with lots of availability (most often the All-Star Resorts and Coronado Springs). These reservations can be cancelled or changed up to five days before check-in. 
  • Check Hotwire often for my travel dates to see my resort shows up at a better price. 
  • Book part of all of my stay through Hotwire if it becomes available.
  • Change or cancel my room-only reservation accordingly. 

If you find your resort on Hotwire for part of your stay, it is okay to split your visit up into two reservations. As long as you are booked in the exact same room type (e.g. Standard View Room or Preferred Room) Disney will not make you change rooms during your stay. It is much easier on them and better for guests to stay in the same room. 

How To Save Even More on Hotwire

Often times you can find promo codes that will give you an additional amount off a Hot Rate hotel (usually $10 to $20 off a $100 hotel or 10% off your total).

The best way to get those is to sign up for Hotwire’s email newsletter here.

To get a promo code via email, I suggest lurking on the Hotwire site for a few days and then not visiting it.

Do at least a few days before you want to book. It is almost guaranteed that Hotwire will worry that you aren’t going to book and will send you a promo code discount to entice you to book!

How To Find Disney Hotels on Priceline

map of orlando showing bonnet creek

The strategy is much the same on Priceline – search within Orlando, then narrow results to the areas Walt Disney World – Disney Springs and Walt Disney World – Bonnet Creek.

Priceline recently made it extremely difficult to find Disney World hotels since they now list hotels with paid airport shuttles as having a shuttle as an amenity. Many resorts in the Bonnet Creek area offer a paid airport shuttle (booked through Mears Transportation) so you now can’t use that amenity as a clue. 

Now you’ll have to have very thorough knowledge of the Disney world resorts to actually be able to find one on Priceline. I have been able to book them in the past, though, so here is my experience. 

I was about 90% confident the hotel I was booking was one of the Port Orleans resorts since it matched the result on Hotwire that confirmed Port Orleans Riverside.

screenshot of summary of charges

I booked it and thankfully I was right! Above is my receipt for two nights at Port Orleans Riverside for $233 total – the rack rate for my room was $272/night, or $544 total, a 57% savings.

I luckily had a 10% off an Express Hotel booking in my inbox because I recently signed up for the Priceline email newsletter. It saved me an additional $20 so I’m glad I saved the email!

screenshot of hotel information with hotel confirmation number circled

Immediately after you book you’ll get a confirmation email from Priceline. In it, you’ll find the Hotel Confirmation Number (circled in red above). This is the number you enter on the Disney site or app to link your reservation to My Disney Experience.

You can also use this number to book your Magical Express reservation here.

You’ll by default have two people per room on Priceline. I don’t know if you are able to call them and have more added, so if you have more than 2 people per room I’d call them first.

If you are lucky you may be able to snag a discounted Disney reservation on Hotwire or Priceline, too.

Any questions? Leave a comment below or join the discussion over at The Budget Mouse private Facebook group!

How to save BIG on Disney World with Priceline and Hotwire pinterest image

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Sunday 29th of August 2021

How can I tell which resort is the yacht club and hotwire? I really want to book it through hotwire but don’t know how to do it


Friday 3rd of September 2021

Hi Andrea! I have seen it show up on there before. It will be a 4 star in Bonnet Creek with an airport shuttle. I confirmed it was Yacht or Beach club using the review score (compare to Expedia) and the distance from Epcot and Hollywood Studios.


Wednesday 18th of August 2021

Hi! I am looking at booking a "hot deal" on Hotwire. Dates are 9/3-9/10/21. There is a 3 star hotel in bonnet creek area with airport shuttle. At first I thought it was Coronado since they had the same 4.4/5 reviews and the same amount, but it must be a value since it is 3 stars, correct? Any ideas what this could be?! Thanks!


Saturday 21st of August 2021

Hi Olivia! I can't 100% confirm this but it appears to be Pop Century. It is the only value resort with 4.4 stars and that number of reviews. That's an awesome price and it's definitely a Disney Value resort so I say go for it!

Kimberly A Mahony

Wednesday 28th of July 2021

I found a YC hotwire deal for my 8/14-18 trip, the problem is we are 5 adults. Is there a way to add a 5th adult to a third party booking? We dont mind paying for the extra it will still be soooo much cheaper!


Saturday 21st of August 2021

Well I wish a had a better answer for you but there isn't a way to do that. Your best option is to not have the person officially on the reservation, which only means they won't be able to ride the Magical Express. But that is really the only limitation. They could even have a magic band with their ticket attached but it just wouldn't open the room door.


Thursday 22nd of July 2021

Just snagged a POP reservation for a little weekend away. It was $394/night on Disney's site and I got it for $123 plus a $25 discount. Thank you!


Saturday 21st of August 2021

Woo hoo that's awesome!! So glad it worked for you.


Saturday 10th of July 2021

Ive used this tip in the past but I cant find any disney hotels on hotwire lately. Any tips? I've tried multiple dates and no luck :(


Monday 12th of July 2021

Hi Al! I've tried as well without luck. I think he inventory is so low at Disney hotels that they haven't released any rooms to Hotwire. With all of the resorts reopening by the end of the year I expect to see rooms available again at some point.

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