How to Find Disney World Hotel Deals on Hotwire & Priceline

on July 3, 2018

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I’ve heard for years that Disney World hotels sometimes show up as “mystery” hotels on Hotwire and Priceline, but I haven’t ever put any time into finding them. This week I finally did and got an incredible deal – Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside for almost 60% off!

In this post, I’ll show you how to find Disney hotels in disguise on these sites and suggestions for saving even more with a promo code. You can easily link these reservations to My Disney Experience and get all of your Disney benefits – MagicBands, Magical Express, and more!

How To Find Disney Hotels on Hotwire

If you’ve never used Hotwire or Priceline before, here’s the gist. When you book one of their “Hot Rate” or “Express Deal” hotels, the name of the hotel isn’t revealed until after you pay. You’ll know it’s amenities, area, and ratings, but not the hotel.

The trip is non-refundable, so you have to be sure that you are going to be okay with whatever hotel you get! Both sites have now started giving you a better idea of what you’ll get by telling you what hotel the last person got, or narrowing it to four hotels.

To find Disney hotels on Hotwire, first do a search within Orlando for your dates.

To narrow your results to hotels that could be Disney hotels, limit the areas to Disney Springs and Walt Disney World – Bonnet Creek. 

Then further narrow your results to hotels that have the amenity of Airport Shuttle. These results should all be Disney resorts! Thanks to MouseSavers for the suggestions for narrowing results.

Disney Value Resort will show up as 3-star hotels, Moderates as 3.5-stars, and Deluxe as 4-stars.

Pop Century often shows up as a mystery hotel

When I’ve checked in the past I’ve found Disney hotels, but none of them have been at a decent discount. This week I got lucky and found what I knew was a Disney resort for over 50% off!

I think you’ll have the best luck finding a good discount on a Disney resort for dates less than a month in the future – so this strategy is best for a last-minute (at least in terms of Disney planning) trip.

Often times you can find promo codes that will give you an additional amount off a Hot Rate hotel (usually $10 off a $100 hotel or 10% off your total). The best way to get those is to sign up for Hotwire’s email newsletter here.

I didn’t have a promo code for Hotwire but I did have one for Priceline, so I ended up booking there instead. Often the same hotels will be listed on both sites, so on to how to use Priceline.

How To Find Disney Hotels on Priceline

The strategy is much the same on Priceline – search within Orlando, then narrow results to the areas Walt Disney World – Disney Springs and Walt Disney World – Bonnet Creek.

Disney hotels are NOT listed as having an airport shuttle on Priceline, so it’s a little harder to narrow your results. I was about 90% confident the hotel I was booking was one of the Port Orleans resorts since it matched the result on Hotwire that confirmed Port Orleans Riverside and the description of the hotel mentioned a “Southern” theme.

I booked it and thankfully I was right! Above is my receipt for two nights at Port Orleans Riverside for $233 total – the rack rate for my room was $272/night, or $544 total, a 57% savings.

I luckily had a 10% off an Express Hotel booking in my inbox because I recently signed up for the Priceline email newsletter. It saved me an additional $20 so I’m glad I saved the email!

Immediately after you book you’ll get a confirmation email from Priceline. In it you’ll find the Hotel Confirmation Number (circled in red above). This is the number you enter on the Disney site or app to link your reservation to My Disney Experience.

You can also use this number to book your Magical Express reservation here.

You’ll by default have two people per room on Priceline. I don’t know if you are able to call them and have more added, so if you have more than 2 people per room I’d call them first.

If you are lucky you may be able to snag a discounted Disney reservation on Hotwire or Priceline, too. Any questions? Leave a comment below or join the discussion over at The Budget Mouse private Facebook group!

How to save BIG on Disney World hotels using Priceline and Hotwire! Tips and tricks for doing Disney World on a budget. Hacks for finding Disney resorts as mystery hotels. #disneyworld #traveltips


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  • Kelly Skewes

    I love your blog! This is the first Disney themed blog I’ve found that actually takes advantage of other sites like priceline and hotwire! Excited to find out that there are so many other avenues to booking resorts for the best price! 🙂

    July 18, 2018 at 12:31 pm Reply
    • Leah

      Thanks, Kelly! I try to find the best prices on Disney resorts anywhere on the internet!

      July 20, 2018 at 6:33 am Reply
  • KLK

    Thanks Leah!!! Are you able to get the dining packages that Disney offers as well?

    July 27, 2018 at 9:24 pm Reply
    • Leah

      No, unfortunately, if you book through any third party you can’t add a dining plan.

      July 28, 2018 at 6:38 am Reply
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  • Wei

    Are you eligible for the Extra Magic Hour if you book a Disney Hotel through Hotwire?

    October 29, 2018 at 7:51 pm Reply
    • Leah

      Yes! You get all Disney benefits when you book a Disney hotel through Hotwire.

      October 30, 2018 at 9:49 am Reply
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