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Dining Review: Tangierine Cafe in Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion

table in Tangierine Cafe in Epcot

I’m sharing a quick review of one of my favorite Epcot quick service (aka counter service) dining locations with you today! This is the third installment of my Best of Disney World Quick Service Dining series – you can check out the other posts here.

Tangierine Cafe is located in the front of Epcot’s Morocco pavilion. It’s open for lunch and dinner every day and serves traditional Morrocan food with an American twist (this is Disney World, of course).

dining area with food counter in the background

You can take a look at all of the menu items in the cooler area before you order at the counter.  There is seating both inside the gorgeous restaurant or at tables outside.

menu with pricing

Here is a look at the menu that was current as of August 2018. You can get the most recent menu straight from Disney here.

Tangierine Cafe Vegetable Platter

I had the Vegetable Platter on my visit, which included couscous, hummus, tabouleh, falafel, lentil salad, olive salad, and pita bread!

I thought everything was excellent (except for the olive salad which I didn’t try because I really don’t like olives). I loved trying so many different dishes with one entree. My husband has had the Mediterranean Sliders Combo before and loved it.

There is also an extensive beverage menu at Tangierine Cafe that includes specialty coffees and alcoholic beverages. Here are your options:

Cafe Espresso $3.99
Cafe Latte – iced or hot $4.99
Cappuccino – iced or hot $4.99
Casablanca – with vanilla liqueur $7.99
Coffee $2.99
Kasbah – with hazelnut liqueur $7.99
Moorish – espresso with cinnamon and nutmeg $3.99
Tangierine – with orange liqueur $7.99

Specialty Cocktails

Mimosa – champagne with orange juice $7.99
Strawberry Daiquiri $9.99
Tangierine Cocktail $9.99
Tangierine Daiquiri $9.99


Domestic Beer $6.99
Imported Beer – Casa Beer $7.99


Sangria – White or Red $6.99
Moroccan Wine by Glass $6.99

dessert options

Don’t forget dessert! Moroccan pastries are incredibly good (though usually super sweet) and the selection here is excellent.

If you are on the Dining Plan, Tangierine Cafe offers a good return on the value of one quick service credit. This is especially true if you get one of their specialty cocktails, which would bring the cost of the meal to over $25 (I estimate the value of a quick service credit to be about $20, so you would be getting a decent discount).

I was paying out of pocket on this trip but I still thought my meal was worth the $12.99 price tag.

model posing in front of the tile wall

After you eat don’t forget to head across the courtyard from Tangierine Cafe and snag a selfie at the gorgeous tile wall, LOL!

If you have never had Lebanese or Moroccan food, I highly suggest you give it a try EVEN if you don’t consider yourself an adventurous eater. There aren’t any off-putting spices (at least to me) and the food is super fresh and delicious. It is an excellent alternative to burgers and fries and won’t weigh you down.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review of Tangierine Cafe in Epcot. Have you ever eaten there or do you want to? Please leave a comment below or join the discussion over in The Budget Mouse Facebook group!

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Sunday 10th of March 2019

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