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Staying On Property VS Off Property at Disney World

Here is episode 46 of The Budget Mouse podcast which is all about staying on-property at Disney World vs off-property. 

Here are the resources I mention in the show: 

Jennifer Underwood

Friday 1st of November 2019

Hi, Leah, I’m enjoying all your tips and info on your blog —really good ideas! I will say on this topic however, I had a few more things to add about the pros of staying off property. I am someone who has stayed on property twice (Port Orleans-New Orleans and Fort Wilderness) and off once at a magical house close to Disney and I don’t think I would ever go back to on property. I felt you didn’t give as much credit to rental homes as they are due. Here’s some benefits you might want to include:

1. Biggest is price for families bigger than 4 I would say (vs 8 as you said) My family of 5 when looking at Disney 2020 Thanksgiving, the cheapest I could find was $260 at Caribbean resort before taxes and fees. Most were in $300 and the “value”resort for 5 was $500. My parents and I are splitting an amazing themed house with pool for $180/night total for each of us! The value is just not there yet at Disney for a family of 5. Plus there is a huge selection at reasonable prices as they have to compete with other homes and Disney.

2. Quietness and Retreat from Crowds: There is something to be said to having a place that is just yours, no screaming babies or kids running down the hall at a hotel at all hours. A place where parents have their own room and tv to relax in when it’s time for the kids to go to bed. At a hotel, you’re all in the same room, on the same schedule with no alone time. This is a huge pro for us!

3. A pool and game room all to yourselves that you can go in after the parks while Mom makes a quick meal. No walking down to the hotel pool with more people. Again peaceful.

4. Food savings!! Having breakfast and most late dinners at the house saves a ton of money for a big family.

5. Car.,..Yes, you have to pay parking but rental cars are super inexpensive in Orlando and although you have to get to it, there’s no lines or waits for Disney transport. Plus even with a car it’s cheaper than staying on property for 5. And our last trip we did use Uber and if your house is close, it’s around $10 one way . They drop you off right in front and pickup there too and skip the lines at the kiosks. We loved it! Super easy to use.

Again, I thought all your points made sense for a family of four but for larger families or families going together, here are some strong pros to staying off property. to discuss more.

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