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Disney World in Summer: What To Expect Each Month

Everything you need to know about visiting Walt Disney World in summer including the best dates to visit for lower crowds. 

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Summer is a popular time to visit Disney World because kids are out of school.

It used to be the busiest time of year, however, Disney has done a great job at distributing crowds more evenly throughout the year. 

So you might be surprised at the lower-than-expected crowd levels at the parks in the summer months. 

Here’s what to expect on a Disney World summer trip and my picks for the best days to go!

Is Disney World busy in June? 

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Believe it or not, Disney provides an easy tool to see how crowded they expect the theme parks to be on any given day. 

It is their date-based ticket calendar. 

The higher the single-day ticket price, the more crowded they expect it to be that day!

june 2024 disney world ticket calendar

Here is the cost of a single-day ticket to Disney World for every day in June. 

I have highlighted the best days to visit, which are during the week of the last two weeks in June. 

These will be the best days to visit Disney World in June for lower crowd levels. 

Disney World in June Weather

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June is definitely full-on summer weather in Orlando. Get ready for heat and humidity similar to the hottest day of summer at home. 

The average high temperature for Disney World weather in June is 90°F and the average low is 73°F. That said, it can feel way hotter due to high humidity.

It is plenty warm enough even in the evenings that you won’t need a jacket outside.

However, the air conditioning can sometimes be very cold inside, so I still suggest bringing a lightweight layer you can throw on if the AC is freezing. 


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The sun can be relentless in June and shade can be hard to find in some places in Disney World. I suggest bringing a sun hat along in your park bag. 

You also will start to experience the famous Florida afternoon thunderstorm in June.

This is a common summer phenomenon, with a rain shower and storm lasting less than an hour. Be prepared with ponchos or an umbrella. 

The parks often clear out during this time and right afterward is a great time to ride the headliner attractions!

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And of course, you’ll have excellent pool weather, so make plans to spend at least one afternoon at the pool. 

Is Disney World crowded in July?

disney world in summer july calendar

July is overall the most crowded month of the summer at Disney World

However, crowds won’t even come close to those during Christmas or Spring Break!

The best days to visit Disney World in July are highlighted above – July 22nd through 31st. 

Again, they are mostly during the week and the last two weeks of the month

Want some free help deciding where to stay during your trip? Just fill out this form and my travel agent partner Siera will get right back to you. 

Disney World Weather in July

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July and August are the two hottest months of the year in Orlando. 

The average high temperature in July is 90°F and the average low is 75°F. 

Expect extremely humid days in July. You’ll want to plan to take frequent breaks in the air conditioning during the day.

Dark-colored clothing absorbs more heat from the sun, so I suggest that you wear light-colored tops as much as possible.

If you have custom shirts made for your family on Etsy, go for the white shirts instead of the black ones if you are visiting in July!

pool chair area

I also suggest (if possible) that you return to your hotel mid-day for a swim in the pool. It will drop your core body temperature down and make for a more enjoyable evening. 

You might want to consider cooling devices such as a misting fan or cooling towel for the theme parks.

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Also, drink lots and lots of water – I prefer free ice water which you can get at any quick service dining location at Disney World just by asking! 

You are likely to experience afternoon thundershowers in July. It is also a pretty rainy month with an average of 13 days of rain.

Be ready with an umbrella or poncho handy. 

Is Disney World busy in August? 

disney world august calendar

August is the least crowded summer month at Disney World. 

In fact, the last two weeks offer some of the lowest crowds of the year!

The best days to visit Disney World in August are during the week of the last two weeks of the month. 

These are some of the cheapest one-day ticket prices of the year, meaning the least crowded days. 

Disney World in Summer: August Weather

water way at disney springs

The weather in Disney World in August is much the same as the weather in July but just a bit warmer and more humid.

August is the hottest month of the year so you’ll want to be prepared!

The average high temperature for Disney World weather in August is 90°F and the average low is 75°F. 

woman in disney t-shirt and sunglasses disney world in summer

Looking hot and frazzled

Expect an afternoon thundershower many days of the month.  It is also the start of peak hurricane season in Florida, so you will want to consider that when booking your trip. 

For all of these reasons, August is my least favorite month of the year to visit Disney World.

However, the end of August brings some very low hotel rates and low crowds if you are willing to brave the weather conditions!

I suggest frequent breaks in AC, a visit to the pool in the afternoon to cool off, and lots of sun protection such as light-colored clothing and a sun hat. 

I hope this post helped you know what to expect during a Disney World summer vacation. Want help booking your trip at no cost to you? Just fill out this form and my travel agent partner Siera will get right back to you. 


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